Period Education

To have a healthy period, knowing how it works is essential. These books are a good start for getting your 'Period 101' on. 

Vagina Problems

Lara Parker

Tackling the taboo of menstrual health, vaginas and sex all-in-one! Thank you, Lara Parker.

Why we love it: Any book that challenges the status quo for vaginas in pain - we salute! A candid and destigmatising approach, Vagina Problems offers compassion, honesty and relatability. One to put on the shelf, for sure.

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Beating Endo

Dr Iris Kerin Orbuch, Dr Amy Stein

Drs Orbuch and Stein have teamed up to share their anecdotal experience of management techniques for endometriosis. Although at Marilyn we focus heavily on the importance of diagnostic surgery, this book discusses the experience of seasoned professionals who have treated countless women to manage their pain without surgery.

What we love: This book talks about pelvic therapy and help for the condition, acknowledges that many women will need surgery and provides tools for reclaiming your life post operation. Their combined expertise, from years of helping women in pain, provides a potentially interesting read for women who are investigating their options, how to manage surgery and how to own their life in recovery and condition management.

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